Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dear Utah County,
Your shopping sucks.

I went shopping today and all I came home with was groceries and some new makeup.

I love makeup. I don't wear much of it, but nothing would bring as much joy to my little heart as giving the world a makeover. I've done a little bit with showing girls how to wear makeup, and giving them tips on how to dress and style themselves, and I absolutely love it. Their happiness and confidence gives me a high. I love it when people feel good about themselves, especially girls and women. There are some outrageous standards when it comes to how we should look, think, and act. It breaks my heart to see girls who aren't confident in themselves yet, who are struggling to be something they aren't. I want to give these girls a hug and tell them to just love themselves, to take a good hard look in the mirror and realize that there is so much potential within them, just waiting to be embraced!

 I really feel like the way you present yourself physically is a reflection of how much you value yourself. I wish I could take every frumpy dumpy girl I see, throw her in an outfit that actually gives her a shape, give her a haircut with some life in it, throw on some mascara and lip gloss, and then send her out the door and watch her conquer BYU campus. Likewise, I want to take every insecure girl who hides behind layers of makeup, a breast lift, clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination, and wash her face, put her in an outfit that's actually comfortable, and let her see how stunning and confident she can be when she just relaxes.

One day, when I'm successful and have made a name for myself, I want to become a motivational speaker. I've wanted to do this for years, I just don't know how to get there. I have this overwhelming sense of love for women- I want to help them be able to help themselves, to see how awesome they are, to be able to value themselves more. I want to help them embrace being feminine and be happy with who they are, to feel complete as an individual. I think it's only when you truly feel that "completeness", that contentment with who you are as a person, that you can be successful in a relationship and sharing your life with someone else.

Stepping off my soap box...

I bought ghee today. I'm excited to try it. The last couple days have been rough and nothing makes me feel better than going to Sunflower Market and buying organic food, if only because it makes me think of Amy Poehler said in "Baby Mama"--

"That crap is for rich people who hate themselves!"

--I'm not rich, nor do I hate myself, but I admit that I do feel a little bit like an elitist snob, buying my wild-caught salmon and free-range eggs. Not only that, but there was not one preserved, processed, or boxed item in my cart. It was all fresh. My groceries say, "Ef the Man." (*see rant about being feminine above...).

I'm going to go make myself an organic omelet now...and maybe watch the latest episode of 30 Rock.



  1. I will accept a makeover when I come out to Utah this summer. You are amazing and the best.

  2. 1. I need some help learning how to style myself et al. Can you do that long distance?
    2. 30 Rock - so, so good these days.

  3. Megan, as a fellow grocery snob, I too enjoy saying that same thing to The Man, peddling all his not-food. I am proud to say I cannot use coupons because they don't exist for the food I buy!

    I love you so much. You will be an amazing motivational speaker someday.