Thursday, February 23, 2012

My favorite earthy possession may, in fact, be my heated mattress cover. I can pre-heat my bed for warm, toasty coziness with the touch of a button. I love it. I can't wait to pour my exhausted self into bed and just melt (that advanced poetry class in college has done wonders for my imagery, no).

In other news, I tried this awesome recipe for chili-garlic roasted broccoli today and it was good. Like, biblically good. Good on you, Rachel Ray. You give hope to millions of other idiots across the nation.

I think I'm going to get this fantastic rug from Surya. My living room needs some "weight" to it- I've got too much beige going on...beige walls, beige rug, beige couch...I'm dying for some color and I think this rug will be a nice anchor for my room. I'm still working on getting a tv, a table lamp, another side table, and an ottoman, but I know if I keep my eye out on KSL and at DI that it will all come together into one, vintage-quirky look. I can't wait to paint my furniture-I really want to give my bookshelf an ombre look using either yellows or corals, and paint my side tables white, and my tv stand turquoise and do a silver-dipped effect on the legs. I'll probably paint my mirror silver too, to reference the legs on the tv stand. I know it sounds koo-koo crazy, but I can totally picture it and it warms my cold, little heart.

I now leave you with a song that I may or may not listen to on repeat several times a day.


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  1. I've made that broccoli recipe before and it is amazingly yummy. Can't wait to see your cute little place this summer!