Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This post contains movie spoilers so please, do not continue if you have not yet seen the movie "One Day" and would prefer not to have the ending ruined (but really, its not like you couldn't see it coming from a mile away).

So, I watched "One Day" last night (finally), and while I initially got choked up at the end and may, or may not, have yelled at my television in futility, I have come to the conclusion that this film is absolute crap. Let's recap, shall we? This movie is about a guy and a girl who meet in college in the 80's; they almost hook up but end up just sleeping together (literally) and from that, a friendship blossoms. As the film progresses, it catches up with the two characters every year on the same day that they originally met. The girl mostly suffers with a lack of career and a boyfriend who belongs in the side-show of a circus. The guy becomes rich, famous, and promiscuous while the girl works in a dive restaurant and is pathetically insecure. Eventually, the guy gets engaged (because his girlfriend got pregnant) and the girl continues on living the single life after finally dumping her lame boyfriend.

In the middle of all of this, it is revealed that the girl has been in love with the boy since college- before they even almost hooked up- and the guy reveals that he has felt the same way. Surprise, surprise, the guy tells the girl that he doesn't want to pursue a relationship with the her because he knows that if they start something, it will mean the end of his partying-and-sleeping-around ways and he's "not ready" for that.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, they finally get married (after like, 15 years) and over the next couple of years, you find out that they are happily married but have been unsuccessful at getting pregnant. And then she gets hit by a bus while riding her bike.

Are you freakin kidding me?!

Here's my issue with this movie: the ending focuses on the guy's pain and suffering over losing his wife, but what about all of the pain and suffering she had to endure for years before the guy finally gets over himself and grows up, not to mention the agony of not being able to get pregnant? He's a complete jackass- to her, to his dying mother, to everyone who knows him- and yet he gets to spend most of the movie rich, drunk, and with some hot piece. Yeah, some crap stuff happens to him, but he deserves it. Girlfriend, on the other hand, is working hard for the money and continues to put up with and even console the guy, and yet she gets stuck with a horrible job, being perpetually single except for a brief stint with a creeper boyfriend, frizzy hair, infertility, some unfortunate sartorial choices, and death by bus?! I think the writer hates women.

Why is this movie burning me up so bad? I think it's because I know one too many dudes like the one in the movie. The movie glorified the guy's pain and misery, but he brought it on himself. The girl though, she was actually trying to progress with her life--

Oh my gosh, this movie is my life. I am going to end up childless and die in a freak bus/bike accident.

**For Sale**
Bicycle, one owner, collapsable baskets over the back tire. Will throw in tire pump, water bottle, and bike lock for free.


  1. In good news, I won't go see that crappy movie! Haha! Loved your review. :)

  2. I make a point of avoiding Anne Hathaway, except in 'The Devil Wears Prada' because Meryl, Stanley and Emily veto her obnoxiousness.

    I didn't expect much from this film, nor am I surprised by its contents. A movie that would handle the emotional depth a woman, let alone infertility--that just doesn't happen in mainstream film.