Friday, March 2, 2012

I finally bought a tv tonight. It was only $25 dollars and it's actually pretty decent. I really wish someone had been secretly filming me as I tried to load it into the back of my little Versa. I'm not that tall, and as I was trying to get it out of the shopping cart, it kept getting stuck and I ended up dragging the cart around as I tried to get the tv out. Then, when I got home, I could barely carry it 20 feet before I had to set it down. By that point, I'd reached the 4 little stairs that descend to my front door and, of course, they were covered in ice. I had to ease my tv down the steps one at a time until I was finally able to pick it up and turn around to take should have been 2 regular steps but turned into about 20 teeny-tiny ones before having to set it down again. Thankfully, of those 20 teeny-tiny steps, five of them put me exactly one regular step into my apartment and I was able to shut the front door so that no one else would be able to witness the embarrassment that was me trying to get my tv in the house. Once the door was shut, I had the arduous task of picking the tv off of the floor and transferring it about 10 feet south and 2 feet east to my tv stand. Seriously, when it comes to old, mammoth-sized tv's, mine really is not that bad, but what it lacks in bulkiness is makes up in density. I swear, one day I'm going to drop that sucker and find the insides are chocked full of pirate gold. 

But at least now I have a tv and, although slowly, my little apartment is starting to feel more like a home. 

I like it.

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