Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You wouldn't know it to look at me, but for a white girl, I'm actually a pretty good dancer. I think I could hold my own in a Ricky Martin vs. Me, shake-n-shimmy contest. This is mostly due to the years I spent locked away in my room choreographing dance moves to the top 40's. I'm pretty sure winning "Best Choreographer" in my 6th grade lip-synching competition had something to do with this.

Needless to say, I began taking Zumba classes with just a little bit of an ego and ended up being schooled by all the Latinas in my class. I swear, those girls must have been born shaking their hips. The only thing us Danish girls can do is bake, and yes, while food is the way to a man's heart (or so I'm told), I think it's safe to say that being able to swing your hips effortlessly gets the job done a little faster.

Maybe I just need to watch some more Shakira music videos.

This spring weather is driving me nuts. One day, it's absolutely perfect outside and I'm daydreaming of all the places I want to visit in Utah this spring/summer- Spiral Jetty, the Salt Flats, Moab, Vernal (aka Dinosaur Heaven), Bryce Canyon. Then the next day, winter shows up again and threatens to dump snow everywhere.

 There are not enough words to express how much I love Spring and Summer in Utah. Really, love is an understatement. Utah is so blissfully perfect in the summertime-hot in the day, perfect for adventuring (hiking! rafting! road tripping with the windows down!), and cool at night, perfect for roasting stuff over a campfire. I say "stuff" because there are so many things that taste amazing when cooked over an open flame. Hot dogs and marshmallows aside, I have to say that Swedish Fish and Starburst are actually pretty delightful. Weird, I know, but oh so good. And if you are unfortunate to invite me to your campfire, I will probably bring my guitar and play really poorly for you. You're welcome.

Besides all of the fun adventuring, getting to wear skirts and dresses without the added layer of tights is just so liberating. Bare legs, unite!

In summation, I'm Danish and I need to just embrace the fact that my people do not dance, probably due to the unfortunate wooden shoes we wore for years and years. You try getting your krunk on in those babies and see what happens.



  1. As always, you make me laugh out loud while having the strong desire to hug you fiercely and protectively against my heart. You are really such a lovable little dork. I wondered what was going on upstairs in your room all those years.
    But are you Danish or Dutch? Whichever, keep baking those things you bake- and don't "forget" the sugar, Shakira!

  2. Oh my hips do lie. I'm not all. Maybe I should stick to my roots and try the highland fling.

    And how do you go about roasting starburst/swedish fish??
    That sound like danger... with a hint of yummy.